1. Dalia color

  2. blackandrooted:


    iconic photograph of icons

  3. St. Paul


  4. "To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage."
    — James Baldwin (via awesome-everyday)

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  5. mpdrolet:

    Civil rights protest, Petersburg, Va., 1960

    Howard Sochurek

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  6. new-aesthetic:

    Mathieu Tremblin Watermarks The City — The Pop-Up City, via Tom A.

    The watermark here is not a Getty overlay, but actual graffiti.

    Unsure if Tremblin is aware of a previous, ghetto Getty watermark from New York, posted here in April of 2012.

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  7. americanphoto:

    You might think you’re looking at four separate images that have been stitched together. Actually, though, that’s not the case at all…

    Image: © Bela Borsodi

  8. Lake Superior

  9. Minneapolis

  10. Pier study. Clear lake, Waseca